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Wirthlin and President Gordon Hinckley graced this land with their presence and words which stood as a standing instruction to govern the saints here in New Delhi, India.

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Visits to the nearest Temples were encouraged and families were sealed. With little that these pioneers had they made much in their spiritual journey and quest to please their Maker. Nothing good comes without challenges and yes, we did have our part of trials, but the Saints did overcome the part they were confronted with. Noble Patrick Bhatti accepted the Gospel with his wife Nirmala in the year He worked for the Indian Air force and his wife was a Speech therapist for the specially abled.

They diligently followed the commandments and especially were firm believers in the Principle of Tithing and encouraged the pursuance of the said commandment in every testimony they bore. They did witness the windows of heaven opening for them and their family in various ways leading to their spiritual enlightenment. Oh, how time flies! We have Arisa and Lulu from the end of the first volume, the former being the one that knows all about Japan!

They're sisters and the newest members of the group! We have Nadi and her elf boss Yusaratoya, who run the general store! We also have Mia, another elf, and Nana right towards the end who I'm sure we'll get to know in the next volume! So we get a few new characters to spice up the plot, which I enjoyed. It was nice to meet these new characters, and see their interactions with our favourites from the first volume. It's kept the story fresh and intriguing, I think.

Volume 2 picks up not long after Volume 1 ended, and there's a little flashback to fill in the gap.

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Thanks to Arisa we get to learn a lot more about the world, and how it works thanks to her knowledge, which makes it all the more fascinating. In this volume, Zena is present but she kinda takes a backseat, and Arisa takes to the stage as it where. There's a tonne more of her, as we get to know her and see her settle in to the group, we get to know Lulu a bit, but I'm hoping to see more of her in the next volume, along with Mia and Nana!

Our Journey: Volume 2

There's lots of action and adventure in this book, to go with the new characters, plus a new part of the world to explore that comes to life from the page. Sure there are some slow parts as the group's dynamic adjusts and everyone settles in. But there's some brilliant action sequences.

I feel like I'm enjoying the light novel more than the manga, there's more information and more background on the world, characters and plot. Theres more detail, and I just find myself reading the light novel and getting lost in the story, whereas with the manga I feel like there's something missing and it's not as engaging. The characters come to life a lot more too!

Wonder Woman By Greg Rucka Vol. 2, Book by Greg Rucka (Paperback) |

The story progresses in this volume, as the ending wraps up this particular arc rather nicely, and our characters set out on a new journey with new characters. I'm intrigued to see how the story is going to continue! We've got new characters to get to know, and more of the world to see plus the whole deal with Satou and why he's there and what his purpose is!

In this book Satou has his hands full with his new slave arisa. She is trouble. He definitely doesn't have a Lolita or lolicon fetish so her advances are extremely difficult for him. He definitely likes real women. Even Zena, at 17, is still too young for him. The world also becomes bigger and badder when he discovers monsters attacking people in an alley.

Series: The Heroes of Olympus

I really enjoyed this book. It has more action and suspense than the first. The girls are more background than the first book In this book Satou has his hands full with his new slave arisa. The girls are more background than the first book as new characters are introduced. There are definitely more details that shed light on what happens in the anime, which as of March 17, has 8 or 9 out. The newest episodes released starts the third book in series. Dec 23, Edward rated it liked it.

Really it took me 2 days to read as I wanted to read every word in it and had to go on a day trip on the 20th. It is a good book to be the middle and end of a story. The character introductions for the majority of characters are already done so just character building, world building and of course plot progression was done in this one.

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Looking forward to how volume 3 is written now. Another good edition to the series building on the first novel. We get introduced to some new interesting and integral characters in this novel, but don't expect too much in the way of character development. The plot continues to follow that of the web-novel but starts to hint at things in the future. Keen to continue reading this series. Aug 12, Tomcat rated it did not like it.

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